General Objectives of the Course
The nurses completing this course will be able to:

  • Demonstrate awareness and skills required in the Nursing Process in the provision of health care and Nursing of Patients. They will be competent to:
    – Assess the nursing needs of individuals, families and communities throughout life, from birth to death.
    – Plan appropriate action to meet their needs through competent safe nursing care.
    – Take appropriate action to help people retain or sustain their best possible level of health in all its aspects.
    – Work with other members of the health team and community in promotion of health prevention of illness, restoration of health and rehabilitation.
    – Evaluate effectiveness of nursing and health care activities.
  • Apply relevant knowledge from humanities, biological and behavioral science in carrying out health care and nursing activities and functions.
  • Show sensitivity and skill in human relationship and communication in her daily work.
  • Demonstrate skill in the use of problem solving methods in nursing practice.
  • Gain knowledge of health resources in the community and the country.
  • Demonstrate leadership skill in working with the health team, community and others in the provision of health care.
  • Demonstrate understanding and commitment to professional behaviour.
  • Demonstrate awareness of the necessity of belonging to professional organization.
  • Demonstrate ability in self-awareness, self-evaluation in personal and professional life.
  • Promotion of health, precaution against illness, restoration of health and rehabilitation.