Academic Director of Biyani Nursing College

Do you aspire to be at the top? Do you possess that outstanding drive to reach your goal? The extent to which each student takes advantage of the academic and extra curricular opportunities depends in large measure, on the student’s own initiative.

Hence, display a right attitude with sustained hard work, dedication and endurance to achieve the heights of success and reach the goals of your life.

Our institution provides an environment conducive to active learning and personal growth with state of art enabled infrastructure. The faculty members are equipped with top of the line qualification and extensive industrial experience; provide an interdisciplinary perspective to the curriculum. We create Best Nurses and Nursing Leaders, not just job seekers. I insist the students to develop communication skills and groom their personality which enables them to stand out with their heads up in the world outside and face with courage and confidence the challenges that confront them in their areas of learning. Students should engage themselves in concept based studies rather than mugging up the content as concept building will result in a better quality of learning and enhances student’s retention capacity. There is not a major difference between winners & losers. Winners possess a distinctive quality of taking initiative, efforts to learn new things and possessing an out of box thinking. Hence, try to learn that ‘EXTRA’ which will certainly give you an extra mileage on the road to success.

We are delighted that many of our students are now holding privileged positions in premier Health organizations in the country. They are a loud testimony to the devotion, determination and diligence that have been the Hall mark of Biyani’s College of Nursing.

I extend a warm welcome to our students and wish them a great future after a rewarding stint of educational career at Biyani Group of Colleges.

Wish you all the best!

Prof. Sanjay Biyani