1. We are submitting details of Anti-Ragging –
    • Anti-Ragging cell
      S.No. Name of Members Mobile No.
      01 Dr. Satish Gupta 9414241725
      02 Dr. Pawan Kumar Patodiya 9314873994
      03 Devika Agarwal 9351670888
  2. Anti-Ragging web site :-
  3. Anti-ragging committee members with their mobile numbers.
    S.No. Name of Members Mobile No.
    01 Mr. Jitendra Sharma 9950658354
    02 Ms. Bhoomika Joshi 9782737780
    03 Dr. B.N. Gaur 9829517195
    04 Dr. Prateek Sharma 9530407463
    05 Ms. Jishu Baiju 9645699726
  4. Anti-Ragging squad members with their numbers.
    S.No. Name of Members Mobile No.
    01 Dr. Satish Gupta 9414241725
    02 Mr. Rajendra Singh Shekhawat 9928533400
    03 Mr. Manish Saini 7891666554
    04 Ms. Abha Jhanwar 9314924281
    05 Ms. Bhoomika Joshi 9782737788
  5. Anti-Ragging monitoring committee members with their Mobile Numbers
    S.No. Name of Members Mobile No.
    01 Dr. Satish Gupta 9414241725
    02 Ms. Sushila Choudhary 9057996768
    03 Ms. Payal Saini 8947805546
    04 Ms. Neha Jakhar 8769546469
    05 Ms. Pinky Choudhary 8824605663
  6. Status on Anti-Ragging (Complaints) with all relevant details an action taken report.
    • Our institution only girls with friendly environment every students respect with Junior & Senior. Our College Principal and Anti Ragging Team every time monitoring to all our students. No complaints regarding ragging last 9 years.
  7. Conduct Seminar/Workshop on Anti-Ragging at your Institute.
    • Yes, we are organise Seminars/Workshops of anti-ragging.
  8. Carefully follow UGC guidelines on Anti-Ragging.
    • Yes, we are follow UGC guidelines on Anti-Ragging.
  1. Ensure constant updating of the Anti-Ragging Website, Anti-Ragging Committee Members, Anti-Ragging Squad Members & Anti-Ragging Monitoring Committee Members.
    • Yes, we are display in our website.
  2. Ensure all Students/Parents should give an annual undertaking on Plain Paper in the prescribed format. Any failure to do this, should be immediately attended to by the college authorities.
    • Yes
  3. Essential information for display on Anti-Ragging Website:
    • Dean (Students Welfare) with Mobile Numbers – Dr. Satish Gupta, Mob. No. 9414241725
    • Wardens Name with Mobile Numbers – Mrs. Renu Tandon, Mob. No. 9636434844
    • Nodal Officer Incharge with Mobile Numbers – Ms. Prayanka Parakh, Mob. No. 9462692336
    • District & Local Administration Nos. of Civil, Police & Welfare Deptt. – Mr. Rajendra Singh Shekhawat, Mob. No. 9928533400


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